Michael Jackson is alive! The king of pop is not dead, sources say,
his back and the concert will be the largest in the history of music.

Millions of people around the world think that the King of Pop Michael Jackson is not dead, but nothing can be dalesze from the truth.

In fact – say sources – super-fake death
stars are to escape the pressure of life. It is possible that it is now far in the classified location in Eastern Europe – possibly in Hungary – far from the tumult and confusion of the paparazzi and reporters in conjunction with the corpses and the funeral in southern California.

You will come back rested and ready. His return will be a blow. (in sesi positive) wants to start a lucrative tour of the most spectacular concert in the history of rock ‚n’ roll.

It’s not a mistake. Jackson is a genius, both as a performer, as promator and as schowman.

If the disappearance is expected to last 6 months, year, two years, it makes no difference. Once rested and ready to be a successful curtain of death falls. And then I will be the happiest man on earth.

With all due respect for the President of the United States. When Michael returns to the Dead Tour Barack Obama will be a low-list celebrity.

Sources say that Jackson was planning to escape for 16 months, but none of his friends did not take it seriously. So said the expert.

It is not clear where they went-talked about South America, Canada, Rosjii, Kenni, Japan and Australia in recent years.

He says that fans can help him get back by showing their love and respect for him. Michael fans can give him a boost through the signs to the camera room.

At least half a dozen of the same dedicated friend
see how to live comfortably in the quiet, has the best doctors and medical care.

Sources continued: „hoax death saved his life.” Michael was on crashed. Had it not been killed to death prove to be true. „

Is not a game. This is serious business. Michael was on the verge of collapse. If something has not been done, it really was Michael in the coffin that, without hope of return.!!!

Generally accepted is that Michael was addicted to prescription drugs, trying to find a way to cope with the twin pressures.

People from the surrounding Michael Jackson and others who agreed to talk with YourWorldReport.com
and derekclontz.wordpress.com acknowledged, albeit grudgingly, that the death of Michael is a hoax.

The plan called on him to spend 24 hours in Asheville, North Carolina,
and then to Paris jet plane. After a short stop, we go to Hungary
in the medieval castle. The conversation will be ready for the public. Michael visited the
place twice in the past 6 months. It was a tense operation.

It’s not a mistake. Michael udawając death saved my life. Michael was on the verge of collapse.!!!!

Michael had 2 operations. I believe him! And here you see! Let people believe that my angel is not affected.! How can they even talk like this without knowing the truth?!


Any doubts about the surgery …. ?




This is real – with the help of members of his famous friends, the environment and other members
family, and several highly placed officials, helped to make the false results of Michael Jackson’s heart.

He worried about his fans, as it may seem. However, in the end, he had to do it. He had no other choice.

It is unlikely that anyone ever knew, and why Michael decided to falsify death. Except that Michael is to explain it.

In an amazing way, we could take the most recognizable star on the surface of Earth
and hide it from the millions of fans. only told me. (His friend as someone said)

Of course, we love Michael. We want to do something for him. Some of us give their lives to protect it.


Other sources confirm that Jackson spoke about the mystification of death „several times” in 2008 and in 2009.

As many as 36 dedicated friends and family members helped Michael in the first heart attack and then hide it.


If you see his story on some of his ideas put into staying in the public eye, so keep secret about who he is. His idea was to fake his death.

Yes, he had billions of fans, sperzedawał billions of records, which were a record. All gave love. There are unfortunately people who hate it.


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