Real Michael Jackson has never appeared in the sample, which was filmed in
Staples Center you can assume that the real Michael Jackson fled to
waiting samolotu.Nagrania and photos probably come before the
several lat.-At the conference, Michael does not resemble one another, there
behaved normally, had a different voice, different look on his face, a zająkiwał. (because it’s not just double michael)
Alleged pictures a few days Michael is still present in glasses, is
a simple and shorter hair and the recording of any sample, including just before
death is longer and curly-włosy. the funeral appeared
immediate and important person in my life Michael: Maculay Culkin, Diana Ross,
Lisa Marie Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Rowe.
And none of the family do not cry.

Immediately after removal of Michael to the hospital beds have disappeared from his blankets, pillows and
other personal-rzeczy. not found any drugs, and measures
drugs until there has been no second time, police and family.

Death certificate was not signed by Michael koronera.-family appeared before the hospital long before Michael was taken to hospital.

Paris first smiled at her brother, enjoy themselves … and when
came her turn to say something suddenly saddened and began
cry, And Janet if the force pushed her into the microphone. Is this supposed to be Acting?

An ambulance carrying Michael was driving slowly and without a signal And yet
Michael was still alive and was unconscious, why should an ambulance ride
quickly and the recording can not see.

Photo of resuscitation indicates
Respirator wrong place. Michael is in the picture
wrinkled brows, and yet unconscious person does not.

When the hospital reanimowali
Michael doctors could not come near to the branch where it was because they reanimowany
fewer people know the better …

As soon as it turned out that he died the whole world is „collapsed”, everyone believed in it, ao it is meant that everyone thought he was dead on truth. Sales of his records and everything related to it very quickly grew only chink chink chink … Everyone suddenly became such friendship to Michael, and became his fans.

I think that the mute evidence that Michael was dead.

Apparently now resides somewhere in Eastern Europe! -> Let us remember that Poland is also the region.
But most likely are the facts that lives in a medieval castle in Hungary, away from the hustle and bustle associated with his „death” …
BACK planning perhaps Christmas or New Year. Or within 1.5-2 years.
  This must be the great comeback.! Show what yet. Now Michael is resting, regenerates forces to prepare for this incredible then RETURN.
There are many things, the facts (though not all confirmed) about the fact that Michael is alive and well …
Apparently a few months earlier he was seen a buyer in a bookstore a book about the art of disguise and we need to remember that Mike sometimes already dressed and it’s really the sensational effect in the end it went not know. ..

1. The family at the funeral, she behaved like to play a role.

2. Paris laughed at a solemn funeral.

3. After the funeral, children chewed gum in the limo. Is this man if I keep someone close to him die?

4. At the funeral feast Jackson’s children were playing in ganianego.

5. video shows a helicopter flying from the „body of Michael” to the morgue. After a while the body „becomes” thinking that no one sees.
  7. Mj on his big return, said that it will be a big surprise, and never forget .. What could he do that? Last attempt before his „death” show that Michael did not dance as before. So what could be a surprise?

8. Father Mike said at the funeral, so that people buy his album. Michael has 500 000 $ debt and had to repay them somehow. This is a man who keeps longing for a son?

9. Why do all the time Jackson family has changed the place where the funeral will be held?

10. Why Michael postponed the concert on July 13? Could he knew that he did not take place?

11. Why do not you know where Michael is buried?

12. Why no pictures of the morgue?

14. Why in the coffin there was no body?

15. Everything was set. Michael from „death” appeared regularly in the clinic.
His visits were too short. Everything has been going on for people to think of the sick.
I think the only immediate family knows that he is alive. Certainly few. Everything has been fixed so that no one guessed anything. Jacksons is a well-invented, everything was well planned. Michael recently appeared in public speaking of concerts which were given in July.
In a way he wanted to say goodbye to the fans. In addition, delaying the funeral, they had to leave the body of public view (so they said to deface all the rumors which preached that Michael lives), but is now retired and no longer showed the body. Strange? And why did they suddenly brain? After all, it is standard procedure that a piece of brain se Berzé at autopsy and to examine it … What are they? And extend what they can do / I could write for hours and months’m flying. I do not wish to prove that he is alive or that he was dead. I want you to understand one … How easy it is to manipulate people and to bury someone alive. Now we osądzicie whether I was right when he wrote that the ratio of the evidence for and against are aligned? And why we do not assume that everything is a hoax and taking into account the age of 21, we have … no not kid ourselves … THIS IS POSSIBLE. Seeing a coffin does not mean that there’s a body … Michael said that his fans will be shocked .. I is not mistaken, because I so far can not stop crying after his loss, but maybe soon Michael really very surprised us … perhaps organize a great back .. . but it only knows he and his closest …
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