Alive. L.O.V.E… dummy! Not Michael-dummy

mjhd forum someone posted the picture of the dummy „Leave Me Alone.” Suspect that it could be used as a dead Michael in an ambulance.

L.O.V.E !!!! This Is It !!!



33 characters = 33 years ago was Jesus when he died.!! The latest album by Michael = resurrection.!! Jesus is risen!!. BIG COME BACK !!

This is a game. ! We are a deck of cards! 52 cards!? 52 years!? ” Come Back! ”

Michael has problems with this company for Sony? ;/

Michael can not be a crown witness! 😦

everyone knows about it :


evidence that Michael is alive but not in any TV news under the title: „Michael Jackson is Alive” is strange!

This should all roar, and a great silence as if the world froze.

it seems to me that the FBI as if to protect him, but I could be wrong! They sent a letter to him cry!

Polish American to fly in 11 hours !!!!!!!!! ; give to Russia a few minutes more hmm can d a half hour, hour, cramps, I do not know how to fly fast planes, d but Mr. X said that she was flying to eastern Europe!!!!

For me it is strange from 25 June ….

„The real Michael Jackson has never appeared in the sample, which was filmed in
Staples Center you can assume that the real Michael Jackson fled to
waiting samolotu.Nagrania and photos probably come before the
several years ”

These recordings are a couple of years.? ; /

liberian gilr

Mr. x wrote „libegrian gilr-change”

” I love you liberian girl”

I do not know if any of you noticed but in almost every proof for the fact that Michael is alive, title of the song

Liberan girl – krutko metrazowy movie directed by Michael Jackson sits behind Kamet and laughs.

Perhaps this is now also.

Mike apparently thought about the escape and the film since 2002!

„this is it ‚- he is directing. Doubles are!

will be 33 characters.

he can finally say that he is alive, it’s HIS MOVIE! He always said that he likes movies, its all music videos is like a fragment of a movie! The said in an interview that will surprise us! He likes to play! There’s even a movie where he is!

and the song „Escape” in 2002 comes
and his new album has to bear the title „Resurrection”

it all makes sense!

I saw the poster, unless it was a poster of „This Is It.” I’m not sure.

there are shown michaela legs. Red kurtyna.Krew. Eyes of the plates „Dangerous” and hats of which overlook white rabbits and birds that I look at „The Circus” on the poster also said „LIE,” Michael LIKES ANIMALS, he loves them, and likes to play the game and circus animals.

michael is like a „doctor murray” which no one previously knew.

and Mr. X said that Murray is the largest PLAYERS

doc on what this is about him I never heard ..

It is substituted!

„Doctor” and Michael have the same eyes!

Moreover, Murray talked to filmiku to their patients …;/

Mike, as the fans.

These drugs are so that people thought that he died by it


Let us now turn to the card games! To poker!
The Joker on the poster mean anything … MJ loved the game, generally liked to play.
May need to delve into the game rules … (maybe there is a solution)
Joker may mean that this is the game …

Joker (jester, joker of joke? „Joke”
at the waist are 3 Jokers. 3 Jokers = 3 players

Family, doctor, friends
The game will be 3 in the breeze … Jokers of the 52 cards …

52 years? back
michael now has 51 in 2010, he will have 52 = back.

it is all a joke

in poker, you can cancel or „Pass” or wait for „call” and yet there are 2 other options
He chose a „pass” Pass-Michael resigned from further play with reporters. ortega wrote such a thing „OLD & NEW KING …. THE KING OF THE SAME? BUT not quite ……”

wait-are we waiting for.

check-check to see if alive.

putting-giving evidence

There are 5 that the player can use.

lays chips … played the final!!!!!

joker-poker game – In this game the player tries to determine the highest possible combination of cards.
Help you with that happiness, or a joker card as a 53

He is a 53 card … Among the players …

The Joker is: joker joker joker joker joker guy mischievously joker = Michael.

Poker – card game, played deck consisting of 52 cards,
  whose goal is to win money from other participants,
by completing the best system or by using the so-called. bluff.
Number of players at one table is only a limited number of cards in the deck,
but shall not be less than two. In practice, does not play more than ten people.

of 52 cards! Michael in 2010 will be 52 years

is to win money = debt to Checkout Privacy!!

With the money he gets death! Through which pays all debts!


certainly playing with fire.
may die!

This is a dangerous fight … so can Mr X said that he was afraid he might be Michael.! :O

can at any moment to kill him.!

„Real fans know the truth will prevail … .. love you to listen to the voice of the heart”

Michael are afraid because he had gone too far … the whole world mourns him …. He is afraid of the FANS!

I think that as he returns to his fans from odwrucą .. Therefore he may be afraid … and is known for his fans that he loves us like family, and we are his! 🙂

He lives! And he loves us as we go! Faith works miracles. Ps. and yes I know that nobody reads because they are too long. But thanks!

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