And what do I cry? / watch


And what do I cry? , (

After all, he’s alive! At least I believe this and not stop.

But tell me why I continue to cry after those 2 almost 3 months ….

He is a wonderful man with a beautiful soul and a heavenly voice, where you can dip ❤

He is a part of me … if he really died then I would also be killed.

When he learned that „died” I felt this emptiness. Morning as a colleague called me and said that Michael Jackson died, unfortunately I did great folly in the world … I tried to kill himself and mutilated in |

I am abnormal because I do not know the man, and he is a normal human being. This is why I love him?

Why did I listen when he passed me chills? Therefore, it is an angel … I wanted to for 2 minutes with him in my arms and see the beauty in the smile I always cry …

I will never forget my childhood … when brought up on his music … He is the King but not limited to music, God sent him to the ground that he had saved the world, that people took him for example …

I want to say this, that I would go to a concert in London and I’ll do anything to see him ….

He is a part of me! He gives me good luck if he does not I would not live … he is my oxygen.!

When I listen to his songs I feel his love, which sent me and other fans! , ((

I do not want anything more to write because I have no strength …

Tell me why I am so-live! It’s an ordinary man: (

Michael if you read this know that I LOVE YOU, not by fame.

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