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I will start with some things that interested me.

Stars have something to say, write about the end of the world’s love for men … (Michael in the film This Is It also spoke of the 2012-2013 year. And that we love, we have to change the world, etc.)

Britney Spears on Twitter:
„I hope that the new world order will arrive as soon as possible!”

What she had in mind?
(Also I think that’s true on Thriller.)

We have also seen how many artists are involved in the matter ( ‚Funeral’ by Michael) – Could a media conspiracy against the artists – because they were all on the kind of funeral and no one lets go and the pair kiss.

– So do not be surprised if Britney Spears was also in „this” involved in the media finally took away her children. !

Little about Media … ;/

Michael was a very old medium for the media.
Michael said that the media only bad news is worth something.

Nobody wrote anything about him except odpadającym nose, decaying face and pedophilia … have made him a monster … ! And that everything they write is LIES. 😦

When announced concerts, the only thing we read about them or hear is that they do not survive, etc. ;/

It is the media we have to offer, nothing more … This is only a confirmation of his thesis that news sell.!!!!!!

Therefore, his every appearance that was observed at this particular angle, and no journalist, nothing more would not notice of what Mike would have to forward to us. Media to seek what he did not work out, they would not have dared it.

Michael certainly was aware of this, and there is much more comfortable situation.

Obscuring his death, he gave the media what is wanted … but shut their mouths.
What is happening now, that is what we wanted to communicate is much more noticeable, because this is not accompanied by speculation that breaks his face, or sleeping with children in particular, does survive the next week …


One more thing … as he poprzekładał these concerts … one had to be held in July 2009, and the remainder in March 2010 … It is yet not make sense … If all translated, then I understand … strange.


remember the Film This Is It a moment with a digger which enters the scene when the song Erath Song?

and preparing something – we will drop the jaw ..

Subside as Michael made a film …. silence .. (engine could not drown it) and heard only drop Kopar … (Kopar in the sense of paragraph)


The blog Larry King:

Kindness November 12, 2009 9:18 pm ET

* LOVE * Michael …
I see .. Remember it may take a rest
Michael, Michael, can I ask about this web site. Thisisalsoit. Do you know who created it?
me to various other places such as:
– This is it movie http:/
– 2012 – 2012
– V for Vendetta —
– End Game (Alex Jones) —
– Final curtain —
– Liberian girl —
– Performance_art —
Originally intended to be a place that is also a movie, as I
.. understand … What do you know about this? Mr (Mr = peter = Mr. Michael), it will be one
more .. movie.

* Michael … LOVE * November 12, 2009 9:21 pm ET

This is my friend and I think I missed the ARG, and falsified
Death. There will be at least one more movie.
That’s all I can say at this time.

Larry wrote that missed the fact that the death certificate was falsified!!!  :OO
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