bottom can be spoofed using!

Scientists in Israel have shown that you can fake the bottom constituting evidence. It undermines the credibility of the test is considered as the basis for forensics.

How to inform the journal Forensic Science International: Genetics,

team of Dana’s Frumkina Nucleix in Tel Aviv was able to fabricate blood and saliva samples containing DNA of a person other than the donor body fluids.

Also managed to show that having access to a database located in the bottom profile

You can easily create a fake chain to mislead investigators.

For this you do not need physical access to tissue samples of a person.

Every graduate of the biology department is able to make

falsification at the scene – says Frumkina.

Founded by a researcher Nucleix company has developed for use

forensic specialists from the test by which you can

distinguish the false from the real traces – as long as it does not appear better technique forgery.

Apart from giving evidence at a crime someone else’s knowledge of  bottom .

can also be used for other purposes. Just collect a sample

złuszczonych cells used by the person upatrzoną

disposable cup, or the cigarette to fabricate evidence in the investigation of kinship or fake studies on the susceptibility to certain diseases.

According quoted by The New York Times Gaila H.

Javitta from Johns Hopkins University, may appear

„GM paparazzi, preying on the bottom of the sample of celebrities.

In a simple way – even bribing Toilet granny – you can be, for example, the illegitimate son of one of pop music stars and with the cooperation of undertaker – even Michael Jackson!!

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