Burial is a lie

Some information;)

1) Elizabeth Taylor:

Strangely, this funeral is a parody of one great, tell me how you can be late for the funeral of his son, brother, father is unthinkable! and Elizabeth already so no survived his „death” does not even come into the hall (the 1 funeral) did not participate in a private ceremony.

And now come, and it somehow looked normal, I passed 2 months but so close to death people for so short time is not going to get used to. After all, she was in the hospital was devastated .. and here comes the laughs with some guy next door.

She just found out the truth. Michael lives. I came to the second funeral.

2) Full Moon:

As for the delay to the funeral I think it was intentionally! as if they waited until it gets dark, looking at it we had the impression that watching video
Only with such unfinished. That was a week when she was a full moon and I think that is why even the date selected. If I remember correctly the „trillerze” was shown in full disk of the moon.

3) Children and school:

Blanket, apparently asking when daddy will come back from holiday
this may temporarily excuse a child, and maybe so called his momentary absence!

Apparently, children do not go to public school! It may be two explanations, children all know (the older), the family is afraid that, as children, the secret can tell someone that their Dad is dead, apart from the paparazzi, they may be clever approach!

4) Family! :

That everyone can see something but if that were lying dead, is not to be platani szycy said in testimony to the truth and so. And here every now and then something new and one contradicts the other!

Had he died then each mówłby the same. And not every one person says something else wrong in addition to all this! But as someone dies it all looks different and does not have several dozen versions and is not done, such as circuses in this situation took place!

Tears of the mother of Michael-nobody believes in her tears, because what is a mother who is in default of the funeral and 2.5 month in addition to it being delayed about 2 hours-Mascara. The day after the „funeral” purchase sleeping bags in the shop. But what for? ; /

INTERESTING BUT IS ONE, no one has seen BODY! In addition to the family!

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