During the reality show, will choose the successor to Jackson!

Have not yet fallen emotions

after the recent scandal on a concert in tribute to Michael Jackson and the family has already starred in another plan. King of Pop’s brother, Jermaine, unless you wanted to make fast money and did not confirm the arrival of one of the stars. I ended up on the fact that a party had to cancel and move to the next year. Only that you pay the bills somehow

. 54-year-old agreed to accept the proposal of refereeing so in the new reality shows, which is available as a dancer at the King of Pop.


Move Like Michael Jackson is to debut on British television later this year. Participants will be challenged to play the legendary singer and choreography to prove that they have talent on where the deceased legend.


Michael was a brilliant dancer and became an inspiration to millions of people around the world – Jermaine said in a statement. He made everyone want to dance like it, practice

and create their own unique choreography.


Just wait until the next leap with the idea to Jackson to earn on your dead brother. Are any of them have a little shame?

Kenny Ortega once wrote on Twitter: „Old King, New King, The King himself.” This may point is that the old king died. Family wants new king so. A new King will be Michael, that same King!
„Old King, New King, The King himself”
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