Each denies the

To further authenticate the death, built the image of Michael, sickly junky, the start of his adventure with the addiction, would give the event, shooting commercials for Pepsi, is often stressed.

However, that all sounded plausible, suddenly dug this movie accident! The heads of Pepsi, they were apparently incredibly surprised, because this film has never had to see the light of day!

Information, before a memorable conference.

Information of the swing state of health of Michael, sound, healthy and sick again, sick again … ? , dying, .. for confirmation, Community Forum, a wheelchair, stuck slices in pajamas …

Meanwhile, over the last year of deliberately constructed image słabowitego Michael. Nobody knows how it was the truth .. Apparently Michael went on the trolley … I wanted to.

Suddenly … dance of us as years ago, trying to „THIS IS IT”!

Jermaine J – takes part in some idol Fri „looking for a new Michael Janet who promised to walk for a year in the black out of respect for Mika – is at some fashion show dressed in a blue dress, mother of Michael did not really know whether his children were in hospital or with the nanny?
  World record holder – the bottom of an emotional Mr Joe J. – not seen the body of Michael, gambol around the world with some dupencją with big balloons and honest canines

– Children happy and laughing out shopping with her nanny, who jumped out as the filip of cannabis do not know when (not worked for Michael in December)? weird?

The cook said that the children were with her all the time when Michael was dying!

And when Michael was only Murray?

Then, however, Murray says that the Prince had seen the „death” of the Father?

This is weird right? Each denies himself. Gy I read everything that I want to laugh …

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