One of the portals to write:

„Is the biggest conspiracy is preparing the 21st century.?

? MJ had a $ 400 million of debt. What he did not repay that debt. From? Death? his account money has billions of dollars. His? Death? meant that these debts themselves spłaciły.
? Michael while writing his last notes in his diary before his death, wrote:? I need a rest from the bustle, I have? Myocardial infarction? and then come back on holidays, or perhaps better in the new year and will be true Thiller see?
? None of the private collection of Michael to this day has not been sold.
? Before his death, Mike used to say:? Brukowcom not believe, do not spend money on these lies …?.
? MJ before his death, frequently visited the clinic to which the „żmierci” was taken.

Information from the network, the press and his own observations:

? Recording leaked to the Internet when the masked figure? after the death of Jackson? an ambulance which arrived Coroner went to the morgue. Is it Michael? (www.youtube.com / watch)
? A few days later to assemble video of that granted to RTL German TV. But when watching the tape can be carefully noted two mistakes on the part of television. The first mistake is a bad hand given by the security guard? actor? outgoing person with the car. The second is a car drives up too close to the wall which does not coincide with the original recording. Recorded TV? Making of? the resulting film is not of their authorship. (www.youtube.com / watch)
? The network is circulating a person suspected of nick Peter_Pan_1958. It gives a lot of the official forum MJA, and oficlanym Club Jackson fan. It was not ejected from the official forum, but everyone knows that Michael had a very loved Peter Pan and it is felt.
? During the flight the helicopter transmission with the body to the morgue MJ is clear that the body is moved (www.youtube.com / watch).

Calling an ambulance to the house of MJ:

? An ambulance summoned to the house of Michael was only 30 minutes after his heart attack.
? Calling behaves very calmly.
? No one today knows who called Jackson.
? When you call an ambulance to the house of Michael can be heard in the distance itself? Michael, even though the caller says that the victim probably already dead ().
? To the hospital where he was lying? Dead? Jackson was not allowed to enter the workers, or some service order. Access was a small group of people with special wejściówkami? could it protect themselves against? setback?
? An ambulance was driving very slowly and without audible signal.
? How do you know it? from receiving a message? it is not funny joke?
? Why was twice summoned an ambulance to the house of MJ? Once by a personal physician, the second time by an unknown person? Was one of the recordings would be just the press? A second accident occurred on the Internet?
? Paparazzi in LA know where MJ lives. They have scanners such as the LSPD. None of the paparazzi, why not appeared on the spot after a call an ambulance? Have enough time.
? Breathing apparatus when the output is poorly founded MJ? you can see it in pictures.
? None of the people who are in the middle? doctors, protection, residents, service? still did not give a single interview and never once been questioned by police.
Preservation of the family:
? Joe Jackson during an interview with the newspaper after a farewell ceremony is an opportunity to promote his new album.
? Katherine Jackson? Michael’s mother? was seen at Camping Gear the day after the death of his son. Did shopping. And on the day of his death was seen as she did my nails at the beautician.
? To this day no one has published pictures of Jackson’s coffin, or in the morgue.

Death of Michael Jackson:

? Until the very end, who knows where Michael is buried. Everything is kept secret.
? Such power as Prasley Elvis, Bruce Lee and Marilyn Monroe during his funeral the coffin was opened. During the farewell Jackson’s coffin was closed.
? On the day of the funeral of Kenny Ortega said in an interview to the newspaper:? I was here with Michael week ago? ? but MJ had died over two weeks ago.
? Blanket during the funeral asked constantly when Dad returns from vacation.
? During the funeral, the song was sung: The Return of the King of Pop.
? Since the death of Amiga no visits from the Jackson family cemetery.

Funeral Ceremony:

? Is evident from the beginning of the strange behavior of the family. Though before all hiding something.
? Paris laughed at the ceremony.
? Children chewed gum in the limo.
? During the funeral of children were playing in ganianego. Nobody paid attention to them.
? William Bratton? Chief of Police in Los Angeles? resignation. Anonymous sources said that all the fuss with Michael Jackson in which he did not want to participate.
? The last is to say 3 of Michael’s funeral was not to be filmed by the media, however, and so it happened.

? Funeral ceremony was recorded in two completely different places.

? Family was late about 2 hours why? waiting when it starts to grow dark.


Los Angeles District Office coroner officially ruled the death of Michael Jackson’s murder and said that he was dying from? propofol acute intoxication. ?
Coroner officially ruled by Michael Jackson-Murder Death!
According to a statement from the coroner:? pokierowanym death was a homicide. Reason for death was accepted as acute intoxication propofol. Other conditions contributing to death of benzodiazepines. Drugs Lorazepam and propofol occurred be responsible for key medicines Mr. Jackson? death. Other drugs detected were midazolam, diazepam, lidocaine, and ephedrine. Last coroner report includes a complete toxicology report that the willingness to remain in the grip of security associated with the request of the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles District Attorney District Office?


It was not a Michael Jackson at a press conference of O 2 | Hands trickster? Dead? Giveaway

Photographic analysis of the hands of a fraudster Michael Jackson in London

These pictures are side by side comparison between the two have left images, which are left hand of Michael Jackson and hand trick? Michael Jackson? O 2 at a press conference in London in March 2009. We believe that these pictures prove beyond doubt that it was NOT Michael Jackson was present at the Conference.

This finding, to his new death, leaves open the question of why it would not be present at his own press conference? Use of this impostor was the first of many strange events that may have proved to be the most major piece of that world has ever seen?

If we take a closer look at the hands next to each other, we can see many differences between the two.

This is a free two hands that are not the same. First, Michael Jackson is quite long and narrow hands and long fingers. Swindler klocowate has short fingers with a circular hand round another obvious difference is the positions on the stock

The Government of Mars, also known as the Line of Life (fingerprint), the Michael Jackson is completely hand near his thumb. Government trickster Mars much further to the center of the hand.

The pictures on the right, look on the finger little finger. MJ is quite delicate, thin and small. Imposters? with large pieces of meat, fat and flat.

If you look at the width of the palm just below the index finger and extending across to the little finger. MJ? s is quite small in width compared with that of the trickster, whos hand is quite broad.

Basis Imposters hand is very similar to the fat man and V of large pieces of meat suitable shape. MJ? s base of his hand is very rounded and small. Now we have proof. If it falsified appearance, one of the most important of his career, then how can we not believe that he didn? t cook more? Deal more information about Michael Jackson? are given and palmistry analysis is to visit here

http://www.handresearch.com / news / in-memoriam-hands-of-michael-jackson-hold-my-hands Michael hand.htm analysis.

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  1. Very interesting…I wish the links worked, I couldn’t go to any of them..I’d like to see the hands one….Excellent job..Wonder if he’ll come back or stay hidden?

  2. I like the detail of your information, excellent!

  3. thank you

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  6. Hi, I was subscribed to this but I changed my email from beckylp@pshift.com to beckylp@hotmail.com and I haven’t gotten any updated emails from you regarding Michael and the hoax and resurrection. Can you please put me on your mailing list again? Thanks so much..Rebecca LaPointe


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