Funeral, Murray

Murray was to be indicted, but was not

A very strange sentence, uttered by Michael at the conference.

„This is it, this is my last outbreak in London and when I say that this is it, this is the end because …” – And here, suddenly starts to laugh.!!



Michael reportedly 3 months before the „death” visited the castle in Germany, the same who was visiting his father now
speech on the O2, that did not finish his speech just started laughing. question is whether Michael already knew it was not just a concert movie. and that it could be understudy.
why try recording in HD?
the song „this is it,” Michael has recorded with his brothers, so why now after so many years for this return? not want yet never stand on stage with his brothers.
quote from the biography that he liked to dress up because the other have a different face identification, in the sense that it might be who wants to! Who wants to be!

0:12  body if it was a heads up!!

0:54 otherwise put the body, as if the other party!!

media showed that only one shot …. this is strange …. only one camera that recorded it all?

somehow did not really want me to believe it … so how would they borrow the camera … but this is just my opinion.
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