he is alive!

trailer This Is It

1.his dreams inspired World … But it remains one dream …

2.where wanted to share with everyone

3-Michael goes
-He ‚s here

4.all  we are here thanks to him …
Go on it with him on the head.

5.This is the moment
This is

6.It adventure …. great adventure

7.wants take them to the place where they were not yet

8.wants concert to show them what they did not see

9.In  cinemas around the world

10.we Remember this family

11.Lighting of applause,
and then dimming ..

12.Feel happy that I can give the world a

13.To everything for love



Hmm, if this movie is a test where they have taken the words of Michael? Ex: „We remember the family”

It does not appear to me to try .. but rather video .. This trailer associate me with the film „Love and Dance” there was just tek dancing dancers, etc.. ;))

(Ortega to your Twitter constantly repeats the word LOVE in capital letters)



Forum someone wrote:


This is a movie for which Michael Jackson wrote the script.
No, this is not the end, is just the beginning …

IS TRUE. CONCERTS IS fake. ALL DANCERS HAVE BEEN SERVING NOT in order to dance at concerts, but to play the dance scene in the film.



Yet I turn to this conference, „This Is It. (of course it was not Mike’s only double;])

There were so many journalists and so few photos .. ?



I found another interesting picture:


There on stage is the Double Michael here with a microphone pinned near the ear is MICHAEL!


Michael directed it all! the stage is a double!
is given in this forum Death Hoax …. This topic has established girl who is watching …. This guy reminded stature of Michael … pochwili Ortega sat next to Michael …. and is the director’s chair
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