He will return!

Latest News: Michael Jakcosn sends a message to his fans – I am alive!
Michael Jackson is alive and stunning sent a message to his fans, ..
June on my world tour – I love you all!>

Michael Jackson is alive and well, says a close friend.

Those are the words of Michael Cassandra trusted friend Gretchen-Sims, writer and producer, which is late, because
last April, has learned Hollywood and record companies as working hand in hand with the king of pop on a secret
movie script, says: ..
and the person that chiałby be, including disguised death, which is taking place now in fact.>

Gretchen-Sims, 52, provides that, in contrast to general opinion, Jackson, ..
with normal, healthy sexual desires. That bombing revelation>, adds

male … person and an amazing father.>

, says Gretchen-Sims of the apartment in Paris, adding: ..
return until now.>

by being a star.>


London, I really died. I thank God for showing me the light. See you all on world tour

in June – the greatest ever seen the world, more than Thriller, more than the Beatles and
Rolling Stones.>

Gretchen-Sims refused to say where Michael is located, but revealed that ..
the safest place …> suggesting that hides itself, as suggested by previous reports, Romania,
Hungary, or perhaps even in Russia, where podpatrujące eyes and reporters will be very pressured to find him.>

because they paid me with a surplus to work with him many years ago, is already behind us,> said in an exclusive
an interview with Your World Report.

between us.>

correctly interpreted the whole story from the beginning. They care for me and the truth.>>

filled with love. Tell them that all this love that they send to me, I refer to them. I love my
fans! >

Gretchen-Sims says that, despite the fact that talks with Miachel’em very much and regularly, do not betray his trust and not
betray the topics of conversation and plans that would have ..

just that it is doing well, he is happy and every day becoming more and more power. >

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