Hoax hidden at the movies.

Hoax hidden at the movies.

We must remember an important fact. On 25.06.09 photo agency NPG (cooperating with Michael Jackson for 10 years, which is the head of his close friend Ben Evenstad) was the only agency that on that day (after arrival at the clinic Carolwood until the arrival of the UCLA hospital) did there, pictures and movies. No other company was there, and how then it was not a coincidence?

The official version is also such that the Murray after 45 minutes of seeing an unconscious Michael calls an ambulance, doing CPR on the bed and not on the floor (Wow this is called an experienced doctor ..). Explains, inter alia, its default yes, he did not know the address. Carolwood 100 really damn hard to remember the address … Enough to go outside, or ask someone in your household … maybe they know where they are? Except that in this house all going to ziółkach from dr. Klein? So either change your dealer or use your half.

after 45 minutes they found the phone and find out what street they live on. Ring. Officially, they called 911 about 12:21 on. 50 years male, not breathing, is there a doctor … blah .. blah … blah. Meanwhile, something had to be Michael and not breathing in 45 minutes is like a lying .. so what they come to save? Vegetable? Ok … 12:26 hours the ambulance arrives.
And its arrival has already immortalized by the camera from the NPG Alfred Ibanez, who was quite by chance there to take pictures that day … From early morning there is the E71 fire truck, which was summoned to a small fire, a neighbor MJ Just strange that it stands on guard for Carolwood 100 lives on that street only to Michael.

Michael came to the house one ambulance, but had left 2, and the house is still there from the morning fire truck.

Do you remember these inconsistencies in the Hollywood TV and film tourism? Now I will explain everything.

Hollywood TV (material supplied by the agency, Ben)
Placed on: 25.06.09

TMZ (material supplied by the tourist from Starline bus)
Placed on 27.06.09

And here is our Ben and Michael Jackson „rooted” (mistaken) in your scenario, since it predicted that one of the tourists will record a video and give it to TMZ.
By contrast, knew something about which they will come busy.
See www.starlinetours.com busy from 9:30 AM depart every half hour on a tour of homes of the stars. So, between the hours of 12:26 and 13:04 on Carolwood to scroll with 2 trips.
The official information shows that the ambulance arrives 12:26 and 13:04 to go.
Deceived us. About 12:26 an ambulance actually arrived, but left between 12:30 and 12:50. But the ambulance leaving 13:04 yes BUT TWO! And after it is assembled so movie Ben, who gave the HTV, we thought that there was only one ambulance.

Now I am to prove this and you better sit down.

The key here for me was the 38 mins that paramedics spend at home. Is not it strange that they were in the house so much time?! I understand the coffee, cookies, and these things … But seriously. Officially we have no record of Carolwood of the 38 minutes when the paramedics were in the house. How is this possible if the agency NPG was there before the ambulance arrival. Well, I discovered that we see what has happened between 12:30 and 12:50 in the video but Ben is assembled so we thought that this happens about 13:04. And we’re unaware of anything in the meantime, we see the departure of the first ambulance on the Hollywood TV, and another one (same model LAFD ambulances) on the film TMZ, thinking that this is the same. There were two ambulances are not. There was a film set with random tourists. The first bus arrived at about 12:26 when ambulance rode a No. 1 (coincidence?) I saw the first bus had to enter an ambulance bus back to the right side of the street, who wanted to see him leave, and they could not obstruct traffic. (This is already the HTV will not see the film because when the operator approaches a 1:37 chance of tourists overrides hand lens and the film breaks up)

Now, the reduction was happening in the movies you saw THIS.

Hollywood TV:
For 1-5s. We see Ben (bright shirt, no hat). Camera operator is Alfred Ibanez, is wearing a black shirt, but now that we can not see because movie revolves.

1:30s. we see 2 side by side the paparazzi in the red and yellow jersey. This in a yellow T-shirt and cap that Chris Weiss, an official author photo of an ambulance (more about that later).

1:32s. operator passes them both. Then he turns, and everyone thought that there was no bus. Is! On the left side of a very extended. And this is the bus which came about 12:26, he withdrew the shoulder, and was to see what happened, Also note that the boy is already set. : Http://s999.photobucket.com/albums/a…urrent=59c.jpg
Also, it could not be a bus from the movie because TMZ is too much sun, and the tourists are there on the sidelines and not right next to the fire brigade. Pointed out there also a photographer in a red shirt, which the film TMZ ran a completely different way! And yet the two events (htv to 1:42 s and TMZ) they report an ambulance trip. And here is the hoax.

Especially since the 1:42 movie breaks and incorporated there, then the arrival of the 12:26 bus and closing the gates, we thought that the gate is closed, but the ambulance has left, yet this is only the arrival-shows her a piece of the gate. TMZ on the film also shows how to set the cones grandfather. The first bus he saw a carriage entrance (no attendants), withdrew the shoulder so as not to obstruct traffic (this is not because the film is stopped) – the tourists were curious what would happen and were to depart the clinic. Then I had to go after him. I do not see that they went after the second ambulance.

if you still do not understand, I explain further.

Tourists from one departure are recorded at the same fire and shadow. Tourists from other ambulance trip is on the sidelines and in the sun (that day had to be earlier). On one recording, a red shirt running toward the bus, on the second recording runs in a completely different direction. But on both recordings Alfred in black T-shirt running toward the fire (cleverly played to the movies to be reconciled and broke shot in 1:42). And the ambulance leaving the two recordings. But these are 2 different ambulances.

Hollywood film on the TV there is no one who did away with so that this image:

Hollywood TV movie he happens between 12:26 and 12:50, and the film is going on TMZ 13:04. Both busy depart after the departure of ambulances, so that the first bus did not know that for a moment leaving the second ambulance, which will witness the second bus, which arrived around 12:56.

Compare these two have links:

both of the other buses and ambulances. !
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