Honey.I want you to know what I feel for you. I am not a regular fan. Ahhh sure many people said the same thing to you. But I love you more than life. I have done everything for you wherever you were. I want to give happiness. Your happiness is my happiness. You are my tears. My happiness. When I learned that you died I was ready to die, too. Because I want to meet you. I had hoped that you see in the sky. I was devastated. I cried all the time. Now when I see your pictures or cry. You give me oxygen and give me hope that tomorrow will be better that all the sorrows gone. I have pictures on the wall where you are. For me it is respect that they hung in my house. I know that you are alive. I feel it. I hear your heart beat and a voice that tells me „You are not alone.” I feel your breath, your touch. You have many fans. Female fans willing to wish you a hug and never let out of his shoulders. I, too, so I wanted you when I looked deep into my eyes and said what I feel. However, since you would rather stand at a distance of 1 meter and look at your beautiful eyes and smile with which I live.
I know that you are alive. If you were not alive I would die too, because you’re a piece of my heart and live with you. You’re an angel. I always taught people love. I was inspired to you. I want to teach people love, but they do not listen to me. Can you just speak to them. Please go back, he needs you. My life has no meaning. I was ready on your concert in June, but was not. Now my hope is TII.I have 3 books that are filled with lines for you. My books are written 4 songs which are disclosed my feelings that I feel for you.Do not want to bother you. Please understand me. I was born with your songs. I live you. Words can not express what I feel for you. Just love me. Only that I want. You fill my dreams, my happiness is your name. I want to hear from you three words: „I love you.” Sorry that I wanted to kill myself. Do not worry darling. Heart and soul will be with you. If you will be sadly Ever read messages from fans. Our love will be with you. Us that you have learned.
Remember: „I love you” Honey. Do not forget about me.
Your health is important. I hope that one day we meet. I touch your hand.! ❤  Kiss 🙂    
Once I take you by the hand and escape away.!    Do not forget about me. Please PolandLovesMJ.       (MJHD)  <3333

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