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… There was the first photograph ‚grave’ Michael.

Firstly, who did it? None fotoreportet can not enter the tomb – as exists in general. 🙂
…Besides the poor quality … (This fan can do pictures.?)
With this picture is the grave of Michael. (This does not indicate that his tomb)!

It was reportedly Fan Michael, and the family that just put a fan picture of Michael at the grave of someone.

It is not the tomb of Michael. !!!!!

Let us not deceive ourselves …

and even more so after 4 months from the day to add a photo of a grave is not even signed and squeeze kit for People that like Michael … .

The tomb was to be guarded and monitored. And certainly not the family has added this photo to the newspaper… ;]

maybe they added such a picture specifically for people to think that Michael really was dead. And we know the truth 🙂


I once wanted to close the American chat that Michael Jackson is alive. Now once I wrote that this girl chat received a letter in which they threatened her with death … Such a got a few people. wanted to close it because too many people knew too much about that Michael Jackson is alive. (Of course it goes without saying that Mike lives)

We’re getting closer to the truth … We can not give up with just any pictures of the grave.

„True fans love and concern to find Truth Michael” (or something like that) – so he said in June, Kenny Ortega.
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