I was thinking … I am almost certain that this film collusive bidding!

Those convinced that there was one camera which recorded a sample, just to get Michael a Videoteka extended its home?

Somehow I do not want to believe….
The quality of HD movies is also such a coincidence…?
We know very well look like amateur proby recorded, there are plenty of YT.

In general, all surprising. If you just try it after what they recorded it?

Often the topic was raised in 2012.

2012 = 20.12 back Michael. (December 20)

Michael wrote in his diary:

„I will return in the holidays, or preferably in the new year and will be a real Thriller”


And so it occurred to me that Michael talked about the end of the world „This is it.”
Michael told us that it has been 4 years. And 2012 is for 3 years!
So it was probably recorded earlier.
Is my sweetheart committed a small mistake? 😉
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