I found something like this:

(…) At the end of yet I will add, that after the conference (which was a friend of my friend’s) strange things happening, individuals shouted:

„Michael! We go to your funeral!”
„We wait till next year!”

(These cries are real. to see the film )

A girl received a March 10 letter. It is exactly 5 days before that when Michael was to announce his return.


„Michael wants to fool all, amazing, I go to his funeral, and then wait, it is terribly vulnerable, now rest, and then surprised everyone, with nothing else will say, I’m sure.

Everything will be explained, will be able to disclose and give to understand that all of Thriller, that’s nothing, just because all the time repeated that „This Is It”, so be it, we have to wait, not rush his return, we have wait! ”

You can towers or not. But it is the truth!!!


Press Conference in March:

After the late Michael speaks, but only for about 4 minutes.

„My last tour will be unique, is in the memory, long-will be extraordinary”

„Something happens amazing, with all the barking subsided”

„Another surprise was something really big. Still do not know what I can do.”

„Will be surprised MY FANS BACK ‚

The authenticity of entries is confirmed, Michael certainly lead diary – notepad.

Most controversy has raised this entry:

“A back-from-dead tour,  a real Thriller. But I have to rest. I’m tired. I’m not (thinking) clearly.”

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