May the sun set on the darkest grass”

Buriel at sunset ? Forest Lawn (Forst=dark; Lawn=grass, darkest ? sunset).”

Family Michael was late for the funeral … It is dark, the sunset!

This clue came to pass.”

TMZ/media in general ? the Alerters (tabloids); keep their heads as thick as steel ? dumbed down/thickheads with clues being fed to them making them look like idiots. TMZ”

( definately came to pass, with or without Michael’s help)”

Worthier Overfed Patient”

I think he said this just before being banned so I don’t think it’s a clue as such. „

Overjoyed helping crudities”

Crudities can also mean „in the raw state” and is even used in recipes (vegan) as small helpings.  So, I can also deduce that this clue means „Overjoyed to help in small/hasty and non-refined (hurried) servings”.”

Dominate Insociable Thieving.”

To my mind, „Insociable Thieving” is what the media did to Michael, robbing him of his image status socially, he wants to dominate that again.”.”

These were the clues I had figured early July. „

– 71 Fragments – video (This Is It), in fact, the seemingly unrelated Outtakes which leads to a specific event, contains news about the media in the scenes that we all meet in the end. Dabbles Director, leaving the audience to make up their own minds – this is his style in several films, as well as others, and everything is cold, odd thing is that in this film is Michael Jackson’s molestation trial. Not sure if it means nothing.? (video takes 2 weeks to finish-as it comes out 2 weeks publication charges of molesting Michael!)

„This is a secret world, that everything to survive and not die, but only retire a little from sight and then return.? Nothing is dead, and endure false obituaries, funeral and mourning” – MJ?

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