Nearly 2 months after the funeral of the King of Pop Michael Jackson Speednews news agency posted an interview with him.

Michael what are you doing now?

– (laughter) So many things very late. Mostly, however,
rest. Trying to recover, the full strength. Little
relax. The last few months was horrible. Sam I am surprised that I was able to withstand the stress. I can not tell you where I am-you get the picture – but if the world, people are friendly to me I just pass that I am happy and secure.

comment on the rumors of your death?

– What can I say? In my life there were two possible solutions.
First – I’ll be back, I’m going on tour, and sooner or later kill me stress, people are struggling just to profit from the tour and their weaknesses, or … you know yourself that I chose the latter, or death.
I do not think that it was not a good way out! Anyway … you yourself know, I know how it could look like, but believe me I had no way out. Please leave it as is!

Whether you are contacting their children?

– A blanket with my mother, and Paris was crying to my headphones.

If it did not sound – viewed by your funeral ceremonies?

-Yes, and although it sounds strangely like it would be!

World was devastated by your death. Copacabana at the Brazilian fans in the sand began to lay your likeness! Would you like something that people say?

– Yes. If they somehow offended I apologize, I failed their trust. Please forgive us and assure them of my love for them!

one of the U.S. film studios is preparing a film about you. Who should play the main role? You have your types?

– I wish that it was a white actor, at the beginning of my biography can be african american, then let it be, however, such as white mmm hmm
Shia Lebouf (unless this is the young man) with the Transformers, or Ben Affleck.

Would you like to go back on stage after what happened?

– Remember the video for Thriller, and its contents?
I do not want it to look like

Thanks for your time. Your fans will appreciate that you are alive. Michael luck.

-Thanks. I love you!

I personally do not believe it. It’s a bit not possible that Michael suddenly gave the interview when it is considered dead
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