for me it takes a great game. tailored to the history of the game and I believe.

joker appeared in the video La toya, he was a joker on a tree at Neverland. I was a joker in a trailer on the glass TII

The Joker means something … like MJ GAMES.
May need to delve into the game rules … (maybe there is a solution)
Joker may mean that this is a game … it’s all a game


3 Jokers = 3 players

Family, „doctor”,  friends

In a game of breezes are 3 Jokers of the 52 cards … … 52 years? back

Great Comeback

Joker is a fictional

is playing poker. Poker= bluff

in poker (the game) may be waived or pass
He chose the pass

Pass-Michael resigned from further play with the media

joker-poker game – In this game the player tries to determine the highest possible combination of cards.
Help you with that happiness, or a joker card as a 53

He is a 53 card … Among the players …

Poker – card game, played deck consisting of 52 cards, the aim is to win money from other participants, thanks to completing the best system or through the so-called. bluff. Number of players at one table is only a limited number of cards in the deck, but shall not be less than two. In practice, does not play more than ten people.

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