Kenny Ortega

.. that the King of Pop had at least 2 lovers.


Ian Halperin, author of the scandalous biography of Michael Jackson caused a deal of confusion. In the book, which has just appeared in the sale, cites the alleged confession of one of the lovers of the late superstar.


– King of Pop your licks lollipop – so Michael Jackson had to turn to her lover. Biographer writes in his book „The Final Years of Michael Jackson”, the sentence fell at the first approximation of Jackson with her lover.


According Hakperina, one of the lovers of the King of Pop was a waiter. The second novice actor named Lawrence. He just talks about his alleged dealings with Jackson.


Men met almost every night for 3 weeks. Lawrence came to the residence of Jacko. – He was very shy – says gwiazdorze actor. – But when we started to have sex, become hungry – he added.


Author of an unauthorized biography of Jackson also said that the musician also went on homosexual sex to the hotel.


Apparently then often dressed in women’s clothes. Is this true? After the death of Jackson, now you can say about him ….


– No, I’m not gay. I am not a homo. I do not intend to break down nervously just because people believe that sex with men – to persuade Jackson to appear when the information about his homosexual tendencies.


Now I can not defend … [?] .. May still be;)

I do not believe in it and I will not believe …! ;] because it is a LIE


with kenne’go Ortega blog:

The THIS IS IT TRAILER will air Sunday night on the VMAs. Make sure to tune in for Janet’s Tribute to Michael. We’ll be watching from LA

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