He is my angel … I love him, not by fame because it does not count … I love him for his beautiful soul, his sense of humor intimidates me … I remember when they accused him of harassment … I cried then 4 weeks … I do not believe that he would be able to do this, / he is not! Fell in love with him and his heavenly voice … When I heard on TV that Michael was taken to hospital … knelt and asked God „please do not he just, you know that it needs”
An hour later, Michel DIED … I felt that I had to live for … But now I know that there is evidence … I know that he’s alive … God sent the angel, a true angel on earth! His death meant to me … Why did I love him even if he does not know? Difficult question to answer but I know that what you feel for him is very strong … listening to his songs I have chills … Feel that my angel lives … 02 Arena 25 June I’ll be there … and waiting for you!

Michael said that he want to run away and be afraid of yourself and your children! He also said that the media niche of people … killed 2Pac and may kill him … Michael I want the world was different … why was the song „they do not care about”-she is the Media that need to be destroyed „Heal the world” – a world about which you care … We learn and do not let LOVE TO ALL MEDIA killed MICHAEL SAYS THAT IM NOT BELIEVE! And I hope you do not believe …! Save the OUR PLANET!

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