Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson shortly before his death, provided a short footnotes, which were then glued to the mirror in the bathroom. They paint a picture of the king of pop psychology. About the UK writes „News of the World”.

Inscriptions were written on pieces of paper adhesive. Their content indicates that a star thanks to the help he wanted to return to the stage in London.

-These notes show that Michael was set to end positively, but also a mess, what he had in mind when he fought to keep it all to end – said the News of the World, „one of his friends who died tragically superstar.

The first alternate choice proclaims: „I am very grateful that I am a magnet for miracles.” That wording – how close they think – may be an indication of the fact that Michael Jackson started to seek help for themselves, in order to extricate itself from dependence on painkillers.

In addition, the word „magnet for miracles” are in therapy for people healing from alcoholism, they are also aimed at raising self-esteem. Phrase was coined Dr. Joan Hangarter, author of „The Miracle Makers Club (Club of Creators of Miracles), which indicates that the more often a person says these words, the greater is the chances of cure.

Jotti Another reads: „Love, no more violence”. On the note is a postscript: „Remember the promise of a beautiful tomorrow.”

Also, the bathroom was a business card of Dr. Tohme Tohme, Jackson’s manager. She had to remind him of his phone number.

He says the source newspaper, „but Michael has the number of PhD. Tohme on your phone. – So what was he needed a business card? „. – It is disturbing that he had to save a reminder of things as obvious as those when preparing for the tour – says the source tabloid. As the,” drugs, which he used, was of course a huge influence on his mind and memory „.[?][;/]

Next – commenting on these words about the future – a friend of Jacko says they show how „sweet nature” was the king of pop, since he saw the good in people.

How do I add a source „NotW”, these words are extremely sad, because I show that MICA * to its last days was a great hope for the success of the concerts and happy life.

Another Jotti is „For We Are The World in show” – a direct reference to the title of the song recorded with Lionel Ritchie in 1985. This single was the anthem nawołującym to help and not ustawania in charitable activities.

Another card has two words: „Call Temperton. Rod Temperton, a 62-year-old friend Michael Jackson and co-author of his biggest hits, like „Thriller” and „Rock With You”.

Michael Jackson died June 25 in Los Angeles, probably as a result of a lethal dose injection of propofol – a strong anesthetic drug. In the center of the investigation was the last doctor superstar Conrad Murray. Jackson’s body was buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, a suburb of Los Angeles.

The ceremony was attended by about 200 selected guests, including 77-year-old actress Elizabeth Taylor and singer Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross and actress Brooke Shields. There were also both parents, siblings and three children of the king of pop: 12-year-old Prince Michael, 10-year-old Paris Michael and Prince Michael II, seven, known as Blanket

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