Michael was healthy, further proof.

The coroner’s report (in Anglo-Saxon judicial officer explaining the causes of unnatural deaths) that Michael Jackson, who died due to drug overdose, he was not ailing skeleton, portray him as the tabloids, but quite a healthy 50-year olds.

The report said only that his arms were covered with nakłuciami had postoperative scars on the neck and face and lips and eyebrows were covered with a tattoo. But beyond that weighs 62 kilograms with an increase of 175, which falls within the normal range. His heart was strong and the kidneys and other organs were in good condition. The singer had arthritis in the lower back and some toes, and mild congestion in the arteries in the leg. In the worst condition his lungs were. Suffered from their chronic and had a reduced capacity, which could cause shortness of breath. However, the report concludes that none of these health problems do not threaten his life, and that caused the death of the king of pop powerful anesthetics, which gave him a bedtime personal physician. Jackson, died June 25 in his home in Los Angeles. Singer suffering from insomnia, your doctor gave the anesthetic propofol and two hypnotics. Propofol, normally used in operation, causing difficulty breathing and after the administration of the patient requires constant supervision. When Jackson’s doctor realized that he does not respond to stimuli began frantic resuscitation attempts, but the king of pop, died two hours later without regaining consciousness.


true that strange? a specimen of health, we have no further proof that pretends his death.

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