In about Michael said of music videos and he said that he wanted to bring music videos
as possible to the films that they were such scenes. was shown the first time from the first famous michaela
CDs and even earlier as a 13 year old, and as he was in the ‚blind dating’. there was an interview as he talked to
do not believe the press that he invited them to Neverland, and that, as you have already come
This at least nice that they were not invented lies. „leave me alone” was specifically against the media,
He sued the media war and the press, apparently, they are to him because przyczepiły
provoked them their behavior … He was persecuted and preview
through his life. (Now there is nothing to wonder why he fled, he is now taking revenge on them)

He said that I feel like a prisoner (remember what I used cassandra wrote? Wrote that michael is a prisoner
and as she tells him who he is or will be) can not normally go to the park or the store
because the media everywhere. I also remember from this movie as Michael went
on the scene in 2000, it was probably an Awards mtv.
  He said he then „got the gift of singing to God and the world gave me the opportunity to be heard”
  „best before you” – and began to laugh (at the conference „michael” said „this is it,” and also began to laugh)

(And since then nothing has happened apart from such „death”)
(the space of two years, began to think about the movie „this is it”, about his escape and board a
is something associated with „death”) (2002.)
These words may be uttered by him had to mean something. He said that
hates the media and the war began
said he is tired because he is a prisoner. Everything comes to light! It is
now taking revenge on the tabloids!

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