Much, much, much evidence

0:01 – On the left you see Kenny Ortega Randy Phillips. This is what Randy had persuaded Michael to playing 50, not 10 gigs.

0:14 – Randy wrote, „Mikey is almost made it” (Mikey, almost done).

0:21 – 1:16 – Dancers handle the funeral? And can play in the movie …? Apparently playing in scenes from the trials and funerals. 🙂 This Is It.

1:48 – solitary tree or a man?

1:57 –
There’s nothing like good fun at the funeral of his brother

Does this look more like pieces of a film?!

Some say that GodKnowTrue is fake.

But I do not believe it.

He knows something.

remember his post: „I’m flyin but I’m still in my home?

accurately read: „im flyin but im still in my home, what happend?:)”

How do I talked with godknowtrue it told me that Michael reads everything at the same time with him.

It only confirms that it godknowtrue … Michael.

I remember that, as he left it wrote to me that it was secret.

It was „love and secrets’.

** MJ ** blogs commenting on Larry King has the same IP as GodKnowTrue, and for that ** MJ **’s name is Michael Jackson and comes from the U.S.!

This last was even the case that the boy allegedly flew a balloon inadvertently parents.
But it turned out it was fake because the boy hid in the house.
This blog Larry King have written.

This indicates that the boy was in the house is in the category „Michael Jackson.”
weird right?

The person who did this picture described, that it was watching Michael try to Ortega when he suddenly sat up … Michael! At the director’s chair. (We already know that mike is directed)

TII comes to cinemas November 11.
Date when Michael accused of molesting.
And Polish Independence.
And reminded me of the post GKT „Poland is very important.”
He talked non-stop that Poland is important.
But Michael said often that he will do something for the Polish big to be important again.
Now this is just what I mean.

2 +5 = 7?

michaela favorite number is 7 All of my mixes. ! Color Red, 3 and 7
7 has often been on the cover of „Dangerous, btw.

This poster poster Believe Criss Angel.

It seems to me that the white color is also strange.
For me white because I like Jennifer Hudson sang „Will You Be There” was white and the guy in the 2nd row at the funeral.

And flowers on the coffin.
On Funeralu.
But more curious about me, the importance of „Dangerous.
The poster is Criss Angel Cirque – Circus.
How do we know Michael likes circuses, magic, animals.

A Dangerous cover would be presenting the circus.
On the cover there is a gray-haired guy.

This guy is the theme Barnum ingenious American businessman, founder of world-famous circus.

Barnum then revolutionized the entertainment industry and laid the foundations of modern advertising and promotion.

Analyzed the cover of the night.
There is plenty of elephants on the cover.
The elephant was at the beginning of whatzupwitu.
„elephant is dyin ‚”
And an elephant in „Earth Song” rises, but rather is resurrected.
And believe was the land of „Earth Song”. Moreover, the elephant is in the new video for „BEP”.
At the elephant in the video „BEP” new goes after … moon.

GodKnowTrue once wrote:

1 + 1 + 1 = 3

1 + 1 = 2

1 + 3 = 4

And so on.

This is the same sequence as in the song BEP – Simply Little Melody. (Black Eyed Peas)

And this song is from The E.N.D (Black Eyed Peas)

There is the song „alive”.

In the often repeated the word LOVE.

Just in this sitting.

And their new album is of great importance in this.

You see this in the „Dangerous Dog on the left?

He has sandals and sandals are: MJ

This is a picture of Napoleon, converted by Jean Auguste Dominique.

On the cover of the vinyl is in sight.

And there in the dog’s left hand is the long stick handle. such uses in this video BEP.

godknowtrue once wrote a post on the profile of ‚s – „I know, you know.”
Besides, why the memorandum was not the Black Eyed Peas?
And funeralu, ‚a.
After all, they are friends!

2:14 – what he shows us?

Moreover, in this video fall into the light. That is like death.
Then, „Like A Comet
Blazing ‚Cross The Evening Sky „fall to the ground.
Michael is back as the „resurrection.”
s is the song „Resurrection” and „Alive or dead?”?

Michael was friends with ’em.
Willy gave his record.
Thriller 25th!
Since that time, became friends terribly.
Willy once even took Blanket, Paris and Prince to the zoo!
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