Murray !!

From my very curious old character Dr. Murray.

If you think a doctor is sure you are wrong.

Let’s start from this that the”death”by Michael learned some new information. Only now we know that James Brown was a doctor. That is, provide him strong painkillers. Why did not anyone write about this earlier. It is not really anyone important.

Play their roles well. Michael probably knew this man [he got the name and false documents], or had some debt in doktorek Michael. So I started planning .. Michaś decided to mix in this case the Doctor. And now everyone in the world knows that Murray killed Jackson’s … But how?

* After porpofol does not have a heart attack, even in large doses.
* No ostatnch results came out that Mike was completely healthy [these reports was the mass but a lie.]
* He had frequently visited the hospital to World had no doubt that Michael is evil it comes to health.

Let’s go further …

Do you not take a doctor to nowhere? Let’s go back until the ambulance call.

* Why do not know what to do as Michael fainted. Since it is a doctor and a cardiologist.!
* What did happen at this point in the home of Michel.?
* Who called the ambulance. ? why we do not know anything about this person?
* Where were the children among other things, Prince at this time.
* Who speaks the truth Conrad … guardian, or even someone else?
* When Michael died, and exactly where?

You see there are plenty of questions but few answers. Therefore, you must own up to inquire and apply.

I do not think you believe in the fact that it was Michael Jackson: Then:
Do you have reasons I also mean faith, but a look are:

Now what?

Pay attention to the words. Obviously heard that Michael always said. and can see clearly that to memorize or read. But Michael told him to record a movie and say it. I am sure.

My opinion is that this is an ordinary man who goes a physician, but rather at the request of the game and get a prize from Michael.

Do not let yourself be persuaded lies. Media is free to decide what we know. But you have to oppose. Do you know this moment is the cause of death of Michael? No!
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