Michael was obsessed with mannequins and sets them throughout your property. He was a very lonely man, and very close to other people wanted in their lives. In solitude, accompanied by dummies. There are reports that Michael contacted employees with Gunther von Hagens on the use of the body created by Michael to plastinates posthumous artist. 
[for the interested art created from dead bodies-]

It was only plastynaty or wanted to create a replica of her body. Coach Michael has confirmed that Jackson loved to joke in which mannequins ambulances sent straight to waiting him paparrazzi. How do we know what happened, it was not a joke? 

All these contradictory facts can be explained very simply. Everyone wants to be the first tabloid in the disclosure of new messages. Know what … ! So now to write nonsense to attract fans of Michael. – Simple?

eg bloody shirt found nearly 2 months after, the first versions of Michael fell in the living room, then he died in his room, and finally, the doctor in bed. 
This is it (tour), mute virtually no advertising, as usual, no interviews, nothing!

Now, suddenly arises video, after the same name, … will be displayed only two weeks, but all over the world! This film may be advertising what could happen in June in London! Not only did Advertise spectacle, it still earns good! Interesting phenomenon will be a business, earn advertising! A, product advertised,, see you in London! 

James wrote that „Kenny is a very good director”

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