proof! Arena 02

Father of Michael Jackson’s very hard to survive the death of the son, which proved more than once.Joe Jackson wanted to revel in the Oktoberfest, so he asked the organizers of the event for him to reserve tickets.- He was desperate to get at our local festival – Sepp Kratz told reporters – he immediately refused. I was shocked.After all, he had just buried her son! Partying and drinking after your dead child is highly inappropriate.This is really inappropriate. Anyone who lacks any decency, it is not in our welcome. It is a pity that Joe himself does not see …In my opinion Joe is one of those who want their behavior to show that Michael lives …probably many of you write that Michael’s father is a monster that is so, but I think my father is the father,as if he had to (have to) love him …

Link to video recorded by one of the fans at the conference O2 with the audience. The minute 1:59-2:00 and 2:34-2:38
heard someone on the side shouting, „We’re going to the funeral! We’re going to your funeral !!!!”
Be the first person I did not catch, but the second can be heard loud and clear!…o-your-funeral/

It looks it, with all this was planned, or someone from the audience already knew in March that will be buried! ”
So it would fit, that they were extras … There is only one recording rig, and only just this ….
On the professional recording that is not … someone is cleared?

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