Miami, Florida – at least 35 sane and sensible eye witnesses say they saw Michael Jackson darting through Miami International Airport September 30 – about 95 days after the alleged keeled over dead from a massive, drug-induced heart attack in Los Angeles.
And they not only believe that Jackson is still alive, or at least, Walking the earth as an angel:

– A friend and confidant of known professional affiliation Jackson – Cassandra Gretchen-Sims – emphasizes that faked his death and is hiding in Eastern Europe. – (A friend-you x! Trustee-Cassandra. Remember! Mr. x wrote that she was flying dow europe Stairs szyukać Places to Michael! Eastern Europe to Russia and Russia is Moscow! Niewiem do you remember all these evidences of Moscow)!

– Top Mental – Dr. Andy Reiss – ensures that the superstar warbler tomb is empty Stone Cold, suggesting that it is indeed „still with us.”

– Families in the three cities, claiming that he saw Jackson Anila „he told the children that were hospitalized with terminal illnesses,” He stood up. Went. Go home with his mother and father. You are healed.

„Is he alive? Is he dead?” Is he dead, but back on earth as an angel? These are all questions fans calling for since last summer has been killed, „says Meredith Moraven, a Swiss journalist who is researching cures that are reported took place in Budapest, Prague and Rome.
„As a reporter, it’s my job to gather facts and present them as fairly, fully and accurately as I can. My investigation is just beginning. (As a reporter is telling the truth! It is all in agreement! O)

„But my gut tells me that something unusual is happening here, maybe even something wonderful.

As noted only in and three months of speculation that Jackson faked his death, is both serious and important surveys indicate that half of all fans believe it is:

1. lives, and


2. comeback tour will start in June next year.

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