At Wikipedia writes that propofol has the side-effects „on the liver. With autospji that Michael was healthy … had a healthy heart … propofol why kill him?
„I go a little bit from the topic but just so I natknęło something to read about the propofol! And from what I read there is no spill-over effects on the liver, heart only what we know MJ” died „like a heart attack!” and how This one has to take this medicine because I do not understand when he was healthy and had a healthy heart should not be anything – chirp: „Depending on the dose and infusion rate for causing rapid deep anesthesia with the possibility of waking up the patient quickly. Loss of consciousness occurs after 30-50 seconds. after injection, and awakening after a single dose after about 4-6 minutes. as for me, something is wrong! if it has side effects on the liver and the heart is not for what reason „died of heart attack?” strange as for me!

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