Returning to the supposed „death”

Returning to the supposed „death” by Michael newspapers and the gossip pages rozpisywały that MJ told her daughter that if her father did not survive the day (in America is June 26), is not to be bad for him. A MJ „died June 25 th, so how is it possible that he died just before her father and would like to know how she would die if it was not like a natural death, and treated it as a murder!” Michael was a great artist, but no crystal ball … Strange, huh? It is as if everything was pre-planned, and the edition of this book and this whole „death” …

said something strange. there is no connection with the fact that Mike is alive, only his concerts …. the strangest thing of all is the statement:
„The Return of Michael Jackson on stage announced as” the greatest comeback since the resurrection of Lazarus „.[…]

Lazarus we associate with the reintroduction of the death …. This, in turn, we associate with Jesus, who has also risen …..

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