Some interesting cases

If someone still reads my blogs is I am very gratefu. Thank you for all. 🙂

But I wonder that Michael late in the conference in March …
Then the family is late on the „funeral” Almost as much time as Michael at conferences about 1 hour and minutes…

But I do not what I had to write 🙂

In December, starts reality show The Jack5ons 5

Randy wrote on her Twitter that does not take part in a reality show, so why they take the fifth brother…?   – interesting

On to the Show trailer placed at the beginning of such a thing „end of waiting” or something like that.

And yet such everyone happy.
if they know what is going to happen

And there’s still time in which this reality show will be broadcast … the end of December ..!

Michael wrote in his diary:

“I’ll come back, but only when I’m ready. Bigger than Elvis in ‘69.
“Maybe 2009 at Christmas. Or maybe the New Year is better.
“A back-from-dead tour,  a real Thriller. But I have to rest. I’m tired. I’m not (thinking) clearly.
Michael will come back on holidays and public holidays are in December. And in December is a reality show. Kenny Ortega once wrote: „Old King, New King, The King himself – old king died. The new King will choose the Reality Show. The same king-The New King will be Michael. Michael lives and he will return.

Something in this reality show has to be…

I think that if Mike is alive and will return, so in this reality show …

If reality is to attract attention and more people will see it, it will be larger „BOOM” than expected.

I can not imagine a more opportune time and situation, than in such a program, because in such conditions it is easier to grasp situations, and easier to reach more customers in a moment …
for example, during the concert as much confusion .. fuzzy reception, no one would know what was going on … and we know .. the shock!   :))  ❤
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