„This is It”

„This Is It” shows how Michael was a perfectionist ….
even the smallest details have to be refined.
This can not be described in words, then you just see … I noticed a few characters in the film, which can be taken into account.


-Here is the tip of the film. Is the part where Michael says: „Let me breathe in my own time, when I come back in..”

– The girl from the video to Earth Song – when there’s an end in subtitles, but the string Heal The World, appears in handwriting by Michael – „I love you – Michael” It appears as though it was precisely at this time written
  you know what I mean. Besides, it is not signed Michael Jackson, but Michael-less officially, as if directed to those for whom it is „closer”, which is devoted fans (who were to end, waiting for something) I think the girl represents Michael (if it were a boy, it would be too obvious), and conclude that the stage of the bulldozer and the „transition” of the scene at Michael.

– Michael Jackson Wants to thank his dancers – in the final subtitles – the present tense if not dead, how can he want to thank them?

– + Loves Lives Forever (instead of date)

– At the beginning of the film – he wanted to share this experience with the world „- after all concerts were to be only in London.

– Costumes for Thriller? How do the dancers would be a characterization of the concert, one song, go to Thriller and clothes to make it to the next? Such characterization takes hours.

– Placing the core messages at the end, the subtitles – when everyone thought that the end of the film, ON reappears. When the world thought that was the end, he will return. We wait for him. As long as it takes (as long as needed), as we waited to the end of strings.

-often say „That’s why we try …” What can this mean?

Ortega also talked with a mask. And Kenny said something about the church.

-Nowhere in the film does not say anything about Michael’s death .. there is nothing like 1958-2009 or RIP is no such thing.

At the end of the inscriptions have died, saying, „Stop the music, I alone decide when I finish … can rozepnę button, pstryknę fingers and bang – he will decide when I get back,” „endure a little audience, and then BAM” !!!!!!!!!!!

-Michael in every song he was dressed differently. Fell to my mind the time of year! astonished me, as one song was wearing a jacket! after what he jacket!? Yet this attempt! And then they let the fireworks. Is it about New Year? 2010?

-Michael on some style vest (at the end of the movie) on the back had a great cross!

-The person in red trousers. This is not Michael!!!

-I also noticed that Michael at some point in the film when he sang grabbed her stomach. As if his heart stood, though he could not breathe.

-In the song „They Do not Care About Us”. He raised his hand up. I thought it might go about „victory”

-Michael was always dressed the same way. I mean,
that he wore black trousers and red shirt, but I was curious that the change vests, others had non-stop. Once he wore a blue coat. hmm coat? during the test against rain coat? strange.!

-When he sang the song jackson 5 said that he can not sing, it feels as though someone wsadzał fist to the ear.

-When you turn on the song „ill be there” in one scene was a double. He had probably shiny coat.

-At the beginning of the conference shows THIS IS IT.
‚Michael’ all the time says, „THIS IS IT and call courtin „

-While performing „They do not care about us” dead words like: „This will go down in history as a great demonstration of our nation”

-When Thriller was such a doll who later flew like that up … they took the form of a cross … And they all had such a pose like to resurrect.!!!!!!!!!!!

-At the end Michael said: „… but it is an adventure, the audience wants to escape, so we give them that.”!!!!!!


-At the end he said that one must be full understanding and patience …

-Only the orange tubes SOMEONE .. like Mike behave differently. He was stiff, terrible. Perform movements completely different than normal Michael. I danced differently. It can not be he. He did not even showed him up close, just for a moment. And normally, Michael in the other clothes they showed a close. Colorful pants in the movie is just orange and red tube. The orange is not Mike, he in the red. Red again! . I wonder why it has all been contact, everyone is speaking not only dancers .. [except in the movie].


– Even with the speech to the dancers – the most points where the request for patience, but it is also this: „I’m taking you to a great adventure. There’s no need to be afraid”

– Green screen and the „balloon” to illuminate



– Just at the beginning of the film – June 25 th, Michael was 8 days before departure to London on the final attempt – and there is not a word about why the concerts have not been able to effect. Only the date, does not say what happened.



– No R.I.P. or dates in (officially) last plate (before the final subtitles) – Only the „Michael Jackson KING OF POP …”



– Shoes and white socks, immediately after that – what we see before the last blank – like „entrance”

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