what do you think?

„Today I would like to make it .. what I thought for a long time … and probably every one of you are asking yourself
Question: What really happened this Thursday, June 25 unlucky? Reviewing a number of articles, information, …
Put together a theory (which, in my opinion, has the meaning):
June 25 2009, Los Angeles, Michael Jackson’s house:
-Time 10:00: Michael Jackson is preparing to flee … He takes the most important, most necessary things, and cash .. 2 mln.dolarów (pillow, blankets, photo.)
-Time 10:52: Dr.Murray sets of people (who already paid that are required to deliver it to another state, then help him get to the hideout and then leave it there and earn him the false documents so that he could leave the US – people think that Murray needs help and has problems)
at the same time … Michael dresses up as Murray (take your documents, the most necessary things, car keys)
-Time 12:21 Murray calls for ambulance and fire brigade … … (to do artificial confusion) … Not everything went to his thoughts as a voice is heard in the background … confusingly similar to that of Michael … Some of you say that this is the voice of Murray … and I for a moment Prove that you are mistaken .. Comes ambulance and fire … (ambulance and fire get the money … because there is no body) …

Annex 1:


Ambulance, I listen to?
I need an ambulance. As soon as possible.

What address?
Los Angeles, California, 90,077

Mr Carolwood?
Yes. Carolwood alley.

What is your phone number and what happened.
There is a man who needs help. Not breathing. We tried to resuscitate him, but not breathing.

I understand. How old?

Is unconscious and not breathing?
Yes, not breathing.

Is unconscious?

Is on the floor? Where is it now?
On the bed.

Please put it on the floor. Let me help you resuscitate him.
But we have … (we? Will be needed in Annex 2)

We’re on the road. I’ll help you over the phone. But it arrives. Does anyone have it examined?
Yes. It is with him his personal physician.

This is where a doctor?
Yes. But he does not respond to anything. Resuscitation did not help.

We now arrive. Since there is a doctor, has more knowledge than me. On the spot. Does anyone see what happened?
Only the doctor was here.

A doctor saw what happened?
Doctor, you see, what happened? … Excuse me, can you … (you? Will be needed in Annex 2)

Now arrives. Convey this information to the rescuers, who are coming to you.
Thank you. Physician Reanimate it, oppressing the chest, but there is no reaction. Please …

Yes. Now we are going. It was little more than mile. Shortly we will be.
Thank you. Thank you.

Please call if you still need anything.
Of course.

-Michael begins his plan to Dr.Murraya disguised his car goes to the designated place … … And then his bodyguards pick up a shuttle service to a hiding place … … (all the time I think it was Murray … What is true Murray? hiding in his apartment … Then after a few days back) and the witnesses who saw Murray (Michael) in the hideout not suspect that Michael … but think that Murray … Who feared (warrant). Michael gets a fake passport and leaving the U.S. ..
After some time … internet … He finds this movie:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fd5nBaMJBlE&feature=fvw (some suspect that it is a message from Michael .. but has recently said that it IS MICHAEL:

Annex 2

In the notification, przekazanemu the property in Holmby Hills, an unidentified voice dyżurnemu explains that Jackson’s attempt resuscitation with cardiac massage failed.

This man confirmed that Jackson’s personal physician – according to some U.S. media on Friday sought by police – was the only witness to the moment when the singer lost consciousness.

– We have a man who needs help, not breathing. He is not breathing and trying to resuscitate him – explains the caller, adding that the doctor is on site.

– It’s personal physician with him, but (…) (Jackson) did not respond to anything. Does not respond to cardiac massage – he said.

Asked by duty, or someone else was a witness of what happened, „he replied -” No, only your doctor .!!!!!!!!!! The doctor was the only one who was there. !!!!!!!!( so when there was only a doctor who was … It’s a voice saying „Yes Yes Carolwood Alley”?) The Murray telephoned (or doctor) (it was not a doctor ..) it was the voice of Michael !

Police said that he knew where Jackson and listen to a doctor at a later time. For now, stopped his car, which – it believes – may be medicine and evidence on the death of Jackson.

Michael lives and loves us … … 🙂
Long live the king! ”



what do you think?

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