„Which means Cheating Time”

This movie, because it requires sacrifice.


And here is the translation of texts …..

Even after the irrefutable evidence and the trail?
Many become discouraged and give confidence in the news reports, which will use our good, because now an important lesson will be learned. truth comes to light.

All the news now look convincing, but then you look beyond the surface and you see something else.
What’s more, I must use this moment
We are in the Apocalypse of St.. John, the time that means cheating.
I am grateful to God for this piece, because we consider this a lesson on subsequent events
And please, do not use the vaccine for swine flu uodparniającej!
This is another tremendous example oszukiwnia!
Remember, a lot of political agendas is wylansowanych brazen use of fear
Look at history, there is nothing new under the sun.

The funeral takes place at the end of two months after his death

Indulge in the mind of footage that we saw
Was controlled by the family of Jackson
Guided by the photographer
Agreed, as we can see
It would seem that the funeral was filmed at the Mausoleum of Forest Lawn in Glendale, California
Ever hear of scenery?
As you probably know, fimowy material, which we showed was not glued in before the actual time when it got to TV
Notice how sorry is Randy in the news helicopters that violated their privacy and asked not to show material fimowego.
This footage could deny that Jackson introduced to the TV with? Live?
Just think?.
I could see the video on favorable terms HD again?
Many say that it was shot in HD by the reality TV show.
Which is wrong, poniważ event zamieżano make the reality show, so why not show what the actual footage of 3.09?
I wish the family all the private reality show may not be a good way to go?.
. but the movie would be better
TMZ even mentioned that the funeral seemed to be made in Hollywood?

You can honestly say that it looks like a funeral?
Let’s not be naive, but dlatrego that television did not say that this is true.
It’s time to really explore, and do not be so wobbly on each advert.

When the clues and the evidence is clear
It has fooled the media are fans
Clues have been for us
And many of the guests present at the funeral are the actors. It would seem that there are more actors than the current family.
Moreover, the fact that the Reverend Al Sharpton ćwierkał at the funeral is to give that ćwierkał to make the funeral seems alive?
Who is at a healthy mind would chirp at the funeral of a beloved friend?
But the good priest played a role?.
It is strange that part of the joke.
Twitter open a month before the piece?
It is strange that the only photo of MJ’s funeral was to promote the image of the short film, directed by MJ, called? Liberian Girl?
And the program also had a funeral, a different picture from the movie? Liberian Girl?, On the cover.
Also seen on the? Liberial Girl? the memorial.
Please watch if you have not already?
Forgotten benefisie of 26 September in Vienna?
MJ and the members of the family line of renowned international stars? planning a concert in recognition of Schoenbrunn castle.
The concert has to happen, the tickets are already on sale
For one incredible night of Michael Jackson’s music will be revived again? CBCnews.Ca
Restored to life again?
This will be issued on television around the world?
Also do not know whether tickets? This is it? will be on sale September 27.
Why do these two events are so close together? Something will be revealed to us?
Stop in the mind? This is it? does not hit the cinemas until 28 October.

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