0 Frequently Asked Questions Cassandra Gretchen-Sims

10 Frequently Asked Questions Cassandra Gretchen-Sims:

Michael is alive and well „says a close friend.

1. Does Michael really live?
Cassandra says: YES.

2. Why Michael faked his death?

Cassandra says: Michael was under enormous pressure at every turn: from the fans, with business partners and, unfortunately, many enemies and hated people and the outside media.50 years old, he was exhausted, weak, and as everyone knows, he turned to prescription drugs. He realized that he could not go this way and it needs more time and space to rest and recover.

3. Are family MJ knows that he faked death?
Cassandra says:
Michael does not want to talk about it. But all fans [?] Know that is a wonderful son and a wonderful father – never did anything to hurt his family. If you think, he answered. [or something like that]

4. Michael his „death” long planned?

Cassandra: Yes, Michael is planning well in advance.

5. Michael will come back or remain in hiding?
Cassandra says:
Michael is going to get out of the closet in June 2010 and comes into the world tour, which will ultimately cover all inhabited continents and many countries. Adventure will last a year, growing at a pace that does not suit or do not threaten Michael’s life.

6. Does This Is It is 33 suggestions why he fled and faked his death?

Cassandra says: Michael says: yes. Fans have already found a lot of tips. Michael did not even give me advice! But he says: If you look, you can find them.

7. Michael participated in his own funeral?
Cassandra says:
Not personally, but watched the ceremony from hiding.

8. Michael helped with production and changes in the This Is It?
Cassandra says:

9. Michael is not worried about how many people have committed suicide by his hoax?
Cassandra says:
Michael loves his fans and never wanted to hurt them. Is aware of, but as he puts it: There was no other choice. If not I’d do that, it really would be dead. Thanks to come back …

10. Does falsification of death is legal? And Michael is not afraid of it falling into trouble?
Cassandra says:
I am not a lawyer, but I say it – Michael is a powerful man, rich man. He does not behave recklessly, mindlessly and without planning. He did what he felt he must do. If there are consequences, legal consequences will be governed by them in relation to [?]

Fans know that Michael is alive. Everyone hopes that Michael is back and healthy. But who is this woman Cassandra?!
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  1. I had seen this before and say that she was his friend, but his real name is Cassandra. Which is not and if she was really your friend or someone who just wanted his moment of fame.


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