someone recently wrote about this that gets some e-mails about this to stop, leading to a blog or on its website about this topic that michael was alive and not long back.

I decided to write about it here because some time ago my colleague, who had a blog about Polish name: „” someone hacked into his blog and removed.
hour later she writes to me and says that someone sent an e-mail in English with a warning and then disappear the next blog …

You think what you want. I think that is the case of Michael. You may seem silly, but it is not long back and she wants to do a surprise. He does not want these blogs that everything went according to his plan. He has people who check every continent with these blogs …
Because it is not possible cholera. Such people as we can not remove someone blogs and web … So someone has to interfere very much. But whom would it bother? no who?
there is only one person ..

People chat MJHD also getting the threat because the administration of evidence that our Michael is alive.

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