2 „Interesting? I think so”

9). Athletes were also friendship with Michael. As proof of this came to the ceremony, two basketball players Kobe Bryant and Lakers Magic Johnson, they were next przemawiającymi. Kobe Bryant spoke briefly but very succinctly. In a simple but very accurate way, not only talked about Michael, as an artist, but also as a good man who always handed huge sums of money for charitable activities.
Magic Johnson while he spoke mainly about their personal memories of Michael, how Mike phoned him and invited him to participate in the video for the song „Remember the Time” and the common meal, chicken with KFC, which caused a laugh especially Janet and brothers Jackson. He also underlined the contribution of Michael in the fight against racism.

At the finish the first part of the post. We hope that after reading it contacting more attention to video discussed in Section 7 Report will continue in the second part, which will start from the point of describing the 10

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