Earnest Valentono noticed that as he was in Poland, he had embroidered on the sleeve 777

Something about the 777:

symbol of the transmutation which takes place when a man becomes aware of the need to enter the path to God.

700 +70 +7 + Almighty Father Son & Holy Spirit of God.

(777 – the cross – from the Greek. Stavros).

700 – Father Almighty – perfection!
70 – Wisdom, Light of the mind
7 – Number complete, the Holy Spirit

777 – back to the Supreme Consciousness!
777 in numerology is considered to be a wonderful number
– So called, the angels have for you a gift.

Christ said:

„I am the resurrection”.

In Greek resurrection is written „h anastasiv – numerologicznie 777
Number 777 is used 1 times in the Bible.
She was in ancient times, the secret number of the Hebrews and Semites,
represented by a perfect and holy. „

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