A few interesting things.


A few interesting things.

1. I very curious why sign (AEG) of the dancers for 2 years? and this agreement poufnościowe, concerts and yet This Is It had to end in 2010. – And even these agreements are exclusive for 2 years or dancers can work only for AEG. !

2. I return to this figure as 7 I wrote you a few days ago. 🙂


From ancient times the number seven is a sacred number, full of mysticism and hidden power. Regarded as a symbol of the cosmos, creatures, space, time, divinity, perfection, wisdom, victory has also become a symbol of stubbornness, deceit, pain, complex unity and eternal life.

At this point, a man equipped with a strong will to achieve, in full agreement on its domestic equity and well-developed plan of action ready to start the real action. So the plan comes back and starts physical forces that create what is planned. Number 7 represents the arcane magic and creative forces.
3 6 9
2 5 8
1 4 7

After completing action on the physical plane a man begins to collect the fruits of their actions.

3. Interview with Michael 2008. was not published until 21.07.2009r.

the most interesting part:

Question: What is one thing that you want to world to know about you?

MJ: Well .. On the one hand, do not read everything you believe (laughs) .. I want to let my fans know that I did not finish .. . Not thrown in the towel and I’m coming back better than ever … And they owe it owe it owe it to myself and my children. I want to saw that their father can do, rather than read about what he had and he did 20 years ago.

Now recall what it said Travis (the dancer at an interview) to the question: What was different route This Is It from other routes?
Travis said: „Michael did it for their children.

4. Sony!

25/06/2009 Sony has signed a contract with another company and they are supposed to just since 25/06/2009 Sony is wholly owned by Michael. – Earlier because the firm had only a 50% stake. So now Michael is a ‚whole’ in that it is their songs, etc.. But why from 25 June?

My English is bad, but I hope you understand.

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