Arnold Schwarzenegger

You do not have the impression the „Silence before the storm”?

Everything is explained slowly.

And even more interesting for Arnold Schwarzenegger (Governor of California).


„From next year (2010) preying on the star reporters will not have an easy life. Tightened just right to bind their hands, literally. Paparazzi will not be able to” hunt „for celebrities and take pictures of them hiding or without notice. All of this will be considered as invasion of privacy, and for that threaten the legal and financial consequences. millions of dollars in penalties will also receive publishers who publish the „illegally seized” material. ”

It reminds me this is only one. He would return as Michael is the paparazzi do not give him no peace. Arnold Schwarzenegger certainly why did such a thing to the media!! Because as we all know Michael returns in the new year that is 2010 and it is precisely from this year!

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