Brothers in Larry King

1. One of the brothers (forgive me that I do not know which is which distinguishes only Jermaine (:) Michael says: „I still can not believe that he is not here with us.” Then tells us where he was when learned that MJ is not dead. Then the King asked him about something, and that it with a smile: „Well just do not”. Hm. When talks about his brother’s death is unlikely that advocates of such lightness, with a smile. I know because I lost my brother. And it took many years, but this one does not say so …

2. Everyone says: „When I found out I called my mom right away …” and „When I got home at once turned on CNN!”. Yes .. Everyone at the same time we call for each included just CNN (even said that more accurately the „Headlines”).

3. They say that children have a great Michael. See. My fans did not know Michael personally, know about it as much as he told us, we live in the memories of who he was before the camera and who he was in his music. Yet despite the passage of almost half a year it’s still not easy to us, then it happens to cry, and how we feel pain at the thought that I might not live does not pass. And they lost their dad. His only parent. I keep doing great? There are younger than some of you, and you feel it very strongly, I see. So what they would be able to feel if Michael is dead …

4. Murray said what? „Everyone has their own version of events, but we all look forward to the official version of the LAPD” oO

5. Jermaine attempt to help Michael: „There is no blame.”

6. Jermaine begins to dress like Michael. In the same interview, that does not exist, but in some parts of their new reality show, the most …


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