Concert, facebook

One of the fans noticed MJHD message on Facebook which states:

Hello fans,
Here is Michael’s message :

On the 25th day of November, I will be facing the public through the media I’ll be on every broadcasting system all over the world. Please check times available in your area. Michael Joseph Jackson… I’m coming out!

Keep the faith forever for MJ

Is facebook. Anyone can lie. It might be fake! and I say that I do not believe.! But that’s not today that I wanted to write.

I do not know if you noticed that in the movie „TII” was a coffin or something niepamietam, some sculpture and the casket / figures go Michael. It was the scene gzie was „Thriller”. The concert which will take place on June 25 Latoya and Janet will occur there. This concert is a „tribute” to Michael! There also is supposed to occur in the coffin! Whether there will be Michael? I think so. It has long been know that Michael will be there.!

I can say one thing: faith, hope, love …. and time! We need only wait.

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