Analyze how the material, which emit three television channels CNN, BBC and Sky news:


(Sorry but I can not copy the video clips. Probably every one of you watched the conference from March 2009. How can we not look for it on youtube)
Consider why the three stations gave live conferences with one camera? Shots are identical, there is the slightest difference between them. If the picture was forwarded directly to the station by several operators should be there in his camera is not it?. Something is wrong .. This further confirms our belief that the conference was live or was not recorded specifically

When we look at these photographs in the eye throws a very important detail you see the audience was divided into 2 parts. The first has a much smaller proportion very close to the scene and the second, more far away.

This division has surprised everyone. A few pages, I found information that the conference had been hired extras who occupy the place it was at the scene.

It seems very likely, because if you look at videos or pictures, we see that almost any person place just before the stage was in the hands of the camera or camcorder, you can see how flash apparatus, so why are there so few online videos and photos from individuals ?. We are bombarded with fotkami where the photographers and photos of ordinary people?.

Why a conference, no one says no one writes? Yet it was a very important event, especially for real fans. Front of the stage there is no protection, which is also strange.

Let’s focus more on one thing. When watching the conference on TV or the Internet, we feel as though the conference took place in the great hall, on a huge stage, the audience of several thousand men, among the participants where there is even a tiny space, which enables them to penetrate closer to the direction of the same scene. What is the reality we see in the pictures and personal movies. The conference takes place on a certain corridor, the scene is very small, and people do not loose face in entering the parade.

Let’s look at how they looked before the public performances of Michael, the people fell into strange states, doing everything to be as close as a star fainted cry from the impression. Here you can see nothing of the sort, totalny peace.

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