Date of November 25 is full of new news.

Well finally there is some new evidence, as you can see the date of November 25 is full of new news.

1. As you know, it was a hoax by Michael planned for a long time. MJ is a perfectionist,He had to fine-tune all the details of his „garbage”.Later this information that Mike would die in six months, the fans screaming at the conference that will go to his funeral … And bam, these words become reality.It convinces me that Michael had prepared everything thoroughly … 8-)

2.I am very surprised this page It shows exactly everything that happened with the King. First, the curtain is shown (conference O2), then the coffin with roses placed on the stage (or symbol of the death of Michael and the memorial in London) and now Coming Soon text referring to the spectacular return of MJ.Everything starts to lay into one whole. Apparently these words were an indication at the conference! :shock:

3.This wreath … Yes, it may be a sign for the Chrismas. Would it were true. Michael, we are so close!!

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