Hi all, how are you ???

I hope all you are having a great and peaceful weekend…

I wanna share an info which my friend Denise Herbstsommer sent me a few minutes ago…

When I first saw it I couldn’t shut my mouth :s

Here it is…

„Well I want to share something without It made me kind of speechless.
So, I watched Moonwalker today and recognized a difference at the Smooth criminal song.There are differences between the Smooth criminal version from moonwalker and the one from the Bad album

Here are the lyrics for this part: Smooth Criminal Moonwalker Virsion

So they came into the outway
It was Sunday
What a black day
Every time I tried to find him
He’s leaving no clues
Left behind him
And he had no way of knowing
Of the suspect
Or what to expect
Dr.Murray resuscitation
Sounding heartbeats

Okay and here the one from the bad album

So They Came Into The Outway
It Was Sunday-What A Black Day
Mouth To Mouth Resus-Citation
Sounding Heartbeats-Intimidations

Here are the links for the Lyrics of both versions

http://www.lyricsmania.com/lyrics/michael_jackson_lyrics_220/other_lyrics_1104/smooth_criminal_moonwalker_version_lyrics_12581.html (moonwalker)

http://www.lyrics007.com/Michael%20Jackson%20Lyrics/Smooth%20Criminal%20Lyrics.html ( bad album)

God bless you
Keep the faith
(Michael is more clever than we can imagine!)”

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