FBI-Jackson documents

U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation to the public on Tuesday gave more than 300 pages of documents about the deceased in June, the pop superstar Michael Jackson.
However, there is not anything rzucałoby new light on the death of singer, who died June 25. In total, declassified 333 pages, divided in 7 files. They contain, inter alia, documents relating to a man who threatened to singer’s death. In letters sent claimed to be the son of mafia boss John Gottiego. Finally went to prison for 2 years.

Harassment of minors?

FBI documents also relate to issues of sexual harassment, in which Jackson was involved in 1993 and 2004. It is worth noting – and the FBI does it – that none of the cases has not been proven in court. In 1993 the matter was waived for lack of evidence.

11 years later, in another case, Jackson was responsible for allegedly molesting a 13 year old Gavin Arvizoa. Singer erected the seven charges. The process began on 31 January and lasted for 5 months. Michael Jackson was acquitted by a California court.

Half are still secret

Despite the Freedom of Information Act (U.S. Freedom of Information Act), more than half collected by the FBI documents will be classified as confidential.

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