figure 3.99 / „Gilda.”

Excerpt „This is it,” in which Michael performed the song „Smooth Criminal” is a reference to the movie from 1946 Fri „Gilda.” Michael is in this part of the „TII” as Balin. Balin in the film „Gilda” has to leave Argentina – fakes his death, but later returns ….

Even later, as we shall end this passage with the „smooth …” Kenny is right after he says something like, „guys, this is a tip, or do not understand something?”

I guess we do not, we got the info that Michael has given us the bloodied blouse, which is nowhere found in the closet in Jackson’s home after police had gotten all the evidence.

Did they not draw attention to this important detail????

Blouses, look at price and compare the date of the funeral.!!

I appreciate the blouses can be seen at Ms on the figure by 3.99.!!!

When was the funeral ????? 03.09.09

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